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Event: Deploying Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2

November 3, 2009 7 comments

Here’s the details of the latest Irish Windows User Group event:

IT Pro’s the world over were asked what they wanted to learn about first when it came to Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2. The overwhelming majority of respondents wanted to learn more about planning, application compatibility and OS deployment. This session will focus on the tools to deploy the newest generation of Windows using tools like the Windows Automated Installation Kit, Windows Deployment Services and the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit.

There will be a small bit of PowerPoint to explain the concepts but much like the recent community launch events, the focus of this session will be on demonstrations. You will see and learn how to do everything from scratch. The launch events allowed us time to show the results – we want to show you how to get there by yourself.

The speaker will be Aidan Finn, Systems and Infrastructure Manager at C Infinity, leader of the Irish Windows User Group, Microsoft Springboard STEP member and virtualisation MVP.

The topics covered by this session are:

  • Planning a deployment
  • Using the Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkits
  • Application Compatibility: Application Compatibility Toolkit, MED-V and XP Mode
  • Using Windows Automated Installation Kit (WAIK) to create an unattended installation
  • Setting up and using Windows Deployment Services to capture and deploy an image
  • Installing and configuring Microsoft Deployment Toolkit to capture and deploy an image

Where and When?

The event will be on December 4th at Microsoft Building 1 (EDC) in Leopardstown. Zoom out on the map and browse a bit to the south east.

Registration is at 09:00 GMT. The event will start at 09:30 and will end at 12:00.

In Person Registration

To attend in person you must register for this event to attend due to the security requirements at the Microsoft buildings.




We will be performing a simultaneous live webcast of the event. Please download and install the LiveMeeting Client in advance. The web client will not support audio. The event will be available at this link when registration starts.

About The Speaker

Aidan Finn has been working in IT since 1996. He has worked as a consultant and administrator for the likes of Amdahl DMR, Fujitsu, Barclays and Hypo Real Estate Bank International where he dealt with large and complex IT infrastructures. More recently Aidan has been working in the server hosting and outsourcing industry in Ireland where he has focused on server management, including a large VMware VI3 deployment. Currently he is working for C Infinity, an outsourcing services company in Ireland, where he is the Systems and Infrastructure Manager. Here he has been working with Hyper-V and Microsoft System Center as part of an advanced server deployment and management infrastructure. Aidan is the leader of the Windows User Group in Ireland. Aidan is also a Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) on virtualisation and is an active blogger. Recently, Aidan was selected to be a member of the Microsoft Springboard STEP program to help promote Windows 7 and Windows Server 20008 R2 in the community. This will include working at the Springboard stand at TechEd EMEA in Berlin in November 2009. When Aidan isn’t at work he’s out and about with camera in hand trying to be a photographer.

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