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Want Your Staff To Learn About Windows 7 and Server 2008 R2?

September 18, 2009

I got an interesting email from a major software publisher the other day.  They develop, sell and support solutions that run on the Windows platform.  Their integration with Microsoft is pretty tight and it’s important for their support staff to know about Windows Server Active Directory. 

The Irish Windows User Group is running a session on Windows Server 2008 R2 Active Directory on September 25th at 09:30GMT.  The presenter is Microsoft Ireland’s Wilbour Craddock.  We’ll be running it as an in-person event but there will also be a live webcast. 

The leader of this company’s EMEA support team asked if it would be OK to set our LiveMeeting webcast on a projector and speakers.  He had a team of 30+ staff that he wanted to attend the session so they could start learning about the new functionality.  He also said he was thinking of getting other support teams in other regions to do the same thing.  What an absolutely brilliant idea!  He asked if this was OK?  Absolutely.  If one person on his site managed the keyboard to ask questions our moderator would read them out to the presenter so they could be answered.  Now this company’s support staff could virtually attend the session without a massive road trip and abandoning the office.

So if you want to do something similar:

  • Set up a PC with LiveMeeting installed on it in a meeting room and tune into the web cast.
  • Set up a projector and decent external speakers for the PC.
  • Assign one person to locally moderate questions and type them into the LiveMeeting client.

It’s a simple and cheap way to start the education process for your staff.

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