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Jeremy Moskowitz Live Webinar

July 14, 2009

Jeremy is a GPO and Active Directory guru, trainer and author.  He’s doing a live webcast on July 21st at 2.30 PM EST.

“You work hard. Too hard. Is there a way to leverage your existing investment in Active Directory and Group Policy to do the hard jobs so you don’t have to? In this free, concise webinar, Group Policy MVP Jeremy Moskowitz, founder of GPanswers.com, will show you that it doesn’t have to be hard to do the "tough stuff."

In this webinar, we’ll focus on something you do every day: software deployment and management (and how it doesn’t always have to be a chore). Learn what’s new in Windows 7 to help put even tighter controls on your applications and see how you can put processes around the deployment and management of applications like never before. At the end of the webinar, Jeremy will open up the webinar for questions and answers.

This webinar is sponsored by Specops Software.

It’s gonna be fun; so, hope to see you there”.

You need to register for this online event.

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