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Speakers and Sessions Wanted

April 8, 2009
Our recent survey (thanks to all who have responded so far) has been very useful.  Two things stand out:
  1. A number of people are willing speakers
  2. There’s interest in various different subject from Hyper-V, Win7/W2008 R2 and into the Office Serverw and System center products.
We’re already lining up presentations for May (TBA very soon) and into August.  However, I’m looking for more speakers for the rest of the year!
Subjects we’re after:
  • Windows 2008 (war stories), Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 7
  • Exchange 2007
  • Data Protection Manager
  • Clustering
  • Active Directory and Group Policy
We’d want as much demo content as possible.  If you work for a company then this is a chance to demonstrate your expertise – but we don’t want sales pitches!
If you’re interested then please email in:
  1. A proposed agenda for the session.  Include the material being covered and estimated time required.
  2. A bio for yourself
We’d like to fill out the rest of the year’s schedule so we can give people a chance to plan things out. 
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