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Event: Small Business Server 2008 and Essential Business Server 2008

December 1, 2008

David Houston will be hosting an event about Small Business Server 2008 and Essential Business Server 2008.  As you may already know, both of these products were launched a few weeks ago.  SBS 2008 is the small business solution aimed at businesses with 5-50 PC’s.  Essential Business Server 2008 is a 3 server solution aimed at medium sized enterprises with 50-300 PC’s.  SBS is probably one of the most common deployments of Server in Ireland and it’s inclusion in the Microsoft partner pack makes it well worth knowing.  EBS will make it’s way into many Irish networks as people start to look at Windows Server 2008.


David is an expert on these technologies.  The content being covered will include:

  • What are SBS and EBS?
  • Who is SBS and EBS aimed at?
  • What is in SBS Std and Premium?
  • What is in EBS Std and Premium?
  • What are wizards? What are they useful for?
  • Virtualising SBS on Hyper-V
  • Windows Mobile Integration

About David Houston

David Houston has been involved with SBS since SBS 4.0, and has been running the SBS Ireland user group for the last three years. He is also involved with support, developing and maintaining SBS groups worldwide through SBS GroupLeads, and has been part of the SBS community for many years. Involved in Community Events with Partner Outreach.

When and Where?

The event will be at 19:00 until 21:00 at the Radisson SAS Royal Hotel in Dublin 8 on January 21st.


Admission will be free to members of the Windows Server 2008 User Group.  If you are already a member then you will receive an invitation via email.  If you are not a member then please sign-up (for free). 

Thanks to Microsoft Ireland for sponsoring the event.

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