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Event: Hyper-V and Virtual Machine Manager 2008

August 7, 2008
We will be running an event on Microsoft Hyper-V and Virtual Machine Manager 2008 on the 2nd of September at 7PM sharp.  The location is Buswells hotel in the city centre.
Hyper-V is Microsoft’s new hypervisor hardware or machine virtualisation solution.  You’ve probably heard much of the promotional material on the subject but we aim to give you something a little more at this event.  You’ll also be introduced to Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008.  This is the product that will be used to manage multiple Hyper-V servers … and VMware ESX!
The topics and speakers will be:
  • Dave Northey (Microsoft): Hyper-V – we can get a little deeper on this topic now that the product has been released.
  • Aidan Finn (C Infinity): Lessons I’ve learned about Hyper-V – Aidan will share his experiences with the product and things you should be aware of when setting up a lab or production environment.
  • Mark Gibson (Microsoft): Virtual Machine Manager 2008 – System Center VMM2008 is due to be released in Q3 2008.  It is Microsoft’s answer to VMware’s Virtual Center and will be an essential tool for managing production Hyper-V deployments.

The event is free to attend for members of the Windows Server 2008 user group.  Simply join the group by sending us a mail and we’ll send you out and invite.  We’ve got 20 places so book while they’re available.  If you have accepted an invite but cannot attend, please let us know so we can let someone else take your place.

Thanks to Microsoft for booking the room and to Dave and Mark for offering their services.  Thanks also to C Infinity for letting Aidan speak about his experience in deploying Hyper-V.

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