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Microsoft.com Is Running on Hyper-V

June 27, 2008

It’s kinda funny that a 30MB download is probably the best thing that MS has done this year!  OK, W2008 is required and it is pretty excellent – but Hyper-V is a real time and money saver.

You’ve probably heard that Microsoft "eats their own dog food".  This means that they run their own products in production before they hit the market.  This allows them to stress test, bug test and develop best practices.  For Hyper-V, Microsoft decided to run parts of probably one of the largest websites in the world on Hyper-V, namely TechNet and MSDN.  You couldn’t ask for bigger loads … those sites are constantly servicing huge downloads.  These were some beefy VM’s having 4 virtual processors and 30GB RAM each! 

They’ve published the results.  There is also a more detailed document that illustrates the architecture and compares physical with virtual performance.

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