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Windows Server 2008 Power Management Whitepaper

June 16, 2008

Microsoft has released a whitepaper that details how Windows Server 2008 can save on your power bill.  I’ve recently been looking at the costs behind owning a server.  Wow!  The initial purchase is only a tiny fraction of the first year of ownership.  It’s even less if you’re like a normal firm that spreads the cost of depreciation over 3 years.  By far the biggest cost was electricity.  Human costs might be a big one for a lot of firms, but no so if you have built an optimised infrastructure.

Electricity is only going to get more and more expensive, especially here in Ireland where we depend on oil imports for power generation.  Carbon taxes will eventually come in and they’ll hit the business first. 

Windows Server 2008 makes it possible to reduce power several ways.  Firstly, you can optimise when the server is consuming power.  Next, you can reduce the server footprint.  That can be thanks to increased performance (e.g. IIS7, x64, etc), machine virtualisation (Hyper-V) or server consolidation, e.g. branch office infrastructure de-deployment thanks to DFS-R, the new TCP stack or desktop virtualisation (Terminal Services or VDI).

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