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Windows Server 2008 High Performance Computing

May 21, 2008

Windows Server 2008 HPC edition is aimed at those solutions that require clusters of processing oriented servers that work together to process batch or SOA workloads.  At first, it sounds like something that might only exist in an underground nuclear testing facility.  You’d be surprised; I’m working on a solution now that may move towards it, I know a banking solution that could benefit with it and the 2003 version was TAP tested in Northern Ireland.

MS has released on overview data sheet on the product.  TechNet is also hosting an audio webcast on W2008 HPC edition:

Get an inside look at the new management, monitoring, and deployment features of Window HPC Server 2008 by way of demos and screencasts rather than just a Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation. Learn about new management UI features, at-a-glance cluster health monitoring and management, and more. To understand cluster status and make timely management decisions, it is critical for administrators to easily access health metrics of the cluster and identify any deviance. With Windows HPC Server 2008, the successor to Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003, you can improve your cluster’s health–easily. Join us for a deep dive in monitoring and diagnostic tools, a review of the heat map and template-based deployment, and much more. This deep dive enables you to get a closer look at Beta 2 with demos and screencasts of the new management and monitoring features built in to Windows HPC Server 2008

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