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Terminal Services Event: Wrap Up

May 9, 2008

Thanks to everyone who turned up last night.  The attendance was good and the open discussing during and after the event was interesting.  Terminal Services is such a big topic to cover in one session, especially now that it’s becoming more of, if not a, complete solution by itself.  Discussing where it and Citrix’s offering compare/contrast was interesting and it’s always going to be horses for courses.  Certainly we got lots of opinions which will allow people to think about the subject more, either way.

I wasn’t expecting to see a cool remote demo so that was a nice surprise.  Alex Yuschenko did a great job and on behalf of everyone: Thank You.  Best of luck with PubForum this weekend!

And of course, we have to thank the sponsors of last night’s event, Microsoft Ireland.  Thanks to Dave, Clare and Lauren for helping to arrange things.

Our next event is on May 30th.  We’re running it in coordination with Microsoft Ireland and it’s a day long event with Mark Minasi talking about Windows Server 2008, IPv6 and Server Core.  It turns out that the registrations are flying out the door so get in while/if you still can.

I’ve opened up a discussion board on the event.  Please feel free to join in.

Now it’s up to you to play with Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services.  Check out the TechNet Labs if you want a guided hands on tour.

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