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System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 Beta

April 30, 2008

Bink has reported the launch of the public beta program for System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008.  You can use VMM 2008 to provide advanced management of your Hyper-V virtual machines, Virtual Server and even VMware!!!

With VMM 2008 you can:

  • Manage Hyper-V VM’s.
  • Support Virtual Server and VMware ESX.
  • Integrate with Operations Manager 2007 to manage resources efficiently.
  • Assess "iron" or physical servers to see if they are candidates for virtualisation, therefore saving resources and operating expenses.
  • Perform P2V (physical to virtual) or V2V (Virtual to Virtual) conversions with little effort.
  • Use Operations Manager 2007 integration to recommend potential hosts for VM’s.
  • Delegation of administration.
  • Use library mechanisms for assembling virtual machines.
  • PowerShell is used for rich management.

Another reason for you to learn PowerShell.  Everything it does is PowerShell.  Dagnammit! … more books to read!

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