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Get a Taste of Mark Minasi in Action

April 30, 2008

Our speaker at our May 30th extravaganza is Mark Minasi.  Some of you may not have heard of him .. I recently posted a link to one of his TechEd presentations, "Living the Longhorn Life".  Here’s another one where he was interviewed at IT Forum.  Even if you’re not an out-‘n’-out techie, you’ll learn from and enjoy his presentations.

Mark is one of those "big brains" that you hear about: think Mark Russinovich (a friend of Mark’s).  He has an insatiable curiosity and a memory the likes of which I haven’t encountered before.  Mark spends endless hours testing out every aspect and learning about WIndows Server and desktop products and putting Microsoft recommendations to the test.  He can give you MS best practice and teach you how to make it work in a real world environment in a way that anyone can understand.

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