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WAIK for Windows Vista SP1 and W2008

April 28, 2008

Microsoft recently released an update to WAIK to support W2008 and Windows Vista.  The Windows Automated Installation Kit allows you to generate your own Windows PE boot images for installing Windows in an unattended manner.  I’ve also found PE to be useful for running administrative or trouble shooting tools.  WAIK also includes ImageX, Microsoft’s file based imaging solution – think Ghost but with Single Instance Storage and file based instead of sector based … and FREE!  Also included is Windows System Image Manager (WSIM), the tool for creating your AUTOUNATTEND.XML unattended installation answer files.

There’s a gotcha with Windows Server 2008 where you must specify which of the builds you want to install using some metadata.  I found that one recently while doing some writing. 

Rhonda Layfield does a nice job documenting the use of WSIM in the Mark Minasi Newletter #60 for Vista.  You’ll find you need only one change to get Windows Server 2008 working as I just mentioned.

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