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The User Group is Progressing

April 16, 2008
Our second event has just been announced.  It’s going to be 1.5 hours of Terminal Services, probably followed up with more Windows 2008 goodness/geekness in the bar afterwards.
Windows Server always seems to bring in new features in Terminal Services that make you question whether you need other server based products such as those from Citrix and the compteitors to Citrix on the Terminal Services platform.  And Windows 2008 continues that trend and really raised the bar this time around.  Truth is, 90% of "presentation virtualisation" customers probably won’t need anything other than Terminal Services now thanks to the new features in Windows Server 2008. 
Our speaker for this event, Alex Yushchenko, has been hugely involved in this market space for many years.  He’s familiar with the technologies, how they compare and how to resolve the issues surrounding the move from desktop to presentation virtualisation solutions.  His skills aren’t just limited to Terminal Services and the associated technologies either as you’ll find out if you attend.
If you haven’t been to our first event (post MS Ireland Launch of Windows Server 2008) then here’s what you can expect.  The sessions are interactive.  Questions are welcome during and after the event.  After the event we head to the bar and there’s plenty of time for lots of in-depth discussion about the topic(s) of the night plus other experiences.  We had a wide range of skills at the first event including sys-admins, hosting, consulting and developers.  The event is supposed to be quite open, not just an "on message" session that you get at a corporate event.  We are a community afterall so everything should be driven by the attendees.
Plans are already underway for Event III.  I hope to get that sorted out so we can announce it soon.  I’ve a couple of things noted down that seem to be of great interest to people such as clustering (geo clustering in particular), the Core installation and Hyper-V.  We’ll try to cover as much as those as possible this year depending on speaker availability.  Volunteers are more than welcome!
The state of the User Group is as follows.  We currently have 62 members.  We’ve run our first event, the second is announced and the third is in planning stages.  We’ve had great assistance from Barry at IrishDev.com, and from the MTUG community in getting word out about our existence.  I’ve spoken to ComputerScope about us … don’t know if anything was ever published.  I’ve also been giving us a mention to anyone and everyone I meet in the industry.  If you’ve got a blog or know anyone who’s interested in W2008 then please think of the group and give us a shout .  And finally, anyone who has developed some expertise on W2008 is more than welcome to speak at our events.
In the meantime, I hope to see you all at at Buswells on the 8th of May at 7:30PM sharp.
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