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Event: May 8th – Terminal Services

April 15, 2008

I am happy to announce the second Windows Server 2008 User Group event.  On Thursday the 8th of May at 19:30, Alex Yushchenko will be presenting a session on Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services.  Terminal Services is one of the roles in Windows Server 2008 that is generating the most interest and it helps to resolve many technical and business issues.  The venue is Buswells in Dublin city centre.

Invitations to the event are being sent out to all members of the user group.  It’s free to join and free to attend the session.  Anyone who wants to attend can join the user group by sending a mail to ws-ugi<at>live<dot>com.

Alex, also known as Dr. Conti, is an internationally renowned expert on Terminal Services, virtualization and other forms of server based computing.  He’s also the organizer of PubForum, an excellent conference that features those many layers of virtualistion, e.g. presentation (Terminal Services, etc), machine, application, etc.  Speaking of which, PubForum Dublin starts on the 9th of May and runs till the 11th.  It’s quite economic to attend (non-commercial) and the agenda is excellent.

We once again have Microsoft Ireland to thank for sponsoring this event and, fingers crossed, a trip to the hotel bar afterwards.

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