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Longhorn Academy – TechNet Subscriptions

March 26, 2008

One of the nice perks of being a regular attendee of the "Longhorn" Academy last year was that we were promised that we’d get a free TechNet subscription if we attended at least 7 of the 8 sessions.  I missed the first one (think I didn’t get an invite) but I made the last 7 – some of them barely!

I’d forgotten about the subscription because I already have one at home for some post-work projects that I’m working on.  I’d gotten some notifications from UPS about attempted deliveries so I got them to deliver to work instead.  I was hoping it was going to be a check for some of my work.

This morning this big ol’ box came in the door.  It was the TechNet subscription.  Holy DVD-library Batman!  It’s not even just the lower cost online account.  It’s a full media account!  Very cool.  Anyway, attending those sessions last year is really paying off.  We attendees got a great briefing and we’ve gotten ourselves a nice media kit to do evaluations and testing on.

I can’t promise media kits (sponsors are welcome, of course) but the Windows Server 2008 User Group (Ireland) will do it’s best to give you an education on what you can do with Windows Server 2008.  Our next event is scheduled for mid-May.  The speaker is lined up and I’m just waiting on confirmation of the venue.  Invites will be sent out straight away once everything is confirmed.

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