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Vista SP1 Available To The Public

March 20, 2008
SP1 for Windows Vista has been available via MSDN and TechNet for a while but it is now available to the general public for download.  It will be available via Windows Update next month.  There is an x86 and a x64 build of the service pack.
SP1 for Vista adds some functionality that you may have been hearing about.  It allows Vista to take advantage of many of the services offered by Windows Server 2008.  You will want to start checking it out in labs if considering Windows 2008.  There is a whitepaper called "Things to know before you download Vista SP1".
Note that problems have been found in the deployment of SP1.  They appear to be related to drivers that may or may not contain the best programming ever.  MS is trying to work with OEM’s to get driver updates out.  Again, OEM’s appear to have been hiding their heads in the sand and pretended that a very available MS beta program wasn’t in existence.
SP1 for Vista will bring the desktop OS up to the same code base as Windows Server 2008 – run Winver on the new Server and note that it is already running SP1!  SP3 for XP is in the works to bring it up to a similar (but obviously not the same) point.
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