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Phew – That’s Our First Event Completed!

March 13, 2008


We ran our first event last night in the Westin hotel.  It was a great session with our guest speaker, David Lowe.  David was an excellent guest, hosting a very interactive session where attendees were able to get answers to their questions.  We barely even saw a Powerpoint slide  and that’s a good thing!  We got some interesting information and hopefully people were able to go home afterwards (even if it was a little wobbly after the bar) knowing a bit more about what Windows Server 2008 can do for us now and pretty soon when Hyper-V goes RTM in less than 180 days.  We heard about the development of Core, the future of Core and .Net, Network Access Protection, lots of interest in Hyper-V, Read-Only domain controllers … just to mention a few subjects.  Conversation in the bar between the attendees covered much, much more.

I want to thank a few people.  Firstly, I’m going to thank Nathan Winters who is an Exchange MVP over in the UK.  He’s the one who first got me interested in user groups when he told me all about setting up Microsoft Messaging & Mobility User Group UK while we were sat in the back of a bus that was taking us out to a party in the wilds of Virginia (USA).

Dave Northey deserves a lot of credit.  Dave gave a number of us a great education on W2008 during the final 6 months of 2007 in the "Longhorn Academy".  At the end of the program he drove the foundation of this user group.

Clare Dillon who many of us know from her work with the community made the event possible by making sure we had a venue and for managing the availablity of the free bar – that always goes down well!

Declan Faller, also from Microsoft, was on hand on his own time to make sure the venue and the event ran smoothly and I really appreciate that.

We’ve got to thank Microsoft Ireland for sponsoring the event – they made this event possible and made my side of the organisation quite easy.

David Lowe, our guest speaker, took time out of his trip home to Ireland to talk to us.  We owe him a very big "Thank You" for the presentation he gave us.  The style was perfect for the venue and everyone was extremely complimentary about it afterwards.  It wasn’t the usual mix of slides that we will eventually have seen a million times.  We got a very interactive session where everyones interests were addressed and David gave us what information he was free to give.  It was a pleasant relaxing change where we just sat down and had a conversation for 90 minutes.

Finally, I want to thank those of you who came to the event last night.  Everyone there made a contribution to the interaction which is exactly what we want from this group.  It’s more than just a techie/geek thing – we want to have a bit of fun as well.

BTW, the last stragglers left the bar at around 1:00am – I think


Windows Server 2008 User Group – First Seminar

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12 March 2008 at 19:30

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