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Citrix and Microsoft To Build On Hyper-V Together

January 22, 2008 2 comments
Microsoft and Citrix made a joint announcement about partering up Microsoft’s Hyper-V (the Windows 2008 virtualisation solution) with Citrix’s XenDesktop
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Windows Server 2008 Server Manager

January 15, 2008 2 comments
Aidan Finn has posted a document on how to use Windows Server 2008 Server Manager.  This document discusses how to use Server Manager and SERVERMANAGERCMD.EXE to manage the configuration of a Windows 2008 server.
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Kicking Off The Windows Server 2008 User Group – Ireland

January 15, 2008 3 comments
Hi all and welcome to a brand new day!
This blog post marks the start of a new user group for Microsoft Windows Server in Ireland called "Windows Server 2008 User Group – Ireland" or WS-UGI for short.  We’ll be focusing on Windows Server 2008, hence the name of the group.  My name is Aidan Finn and I’m the lead of this user group – until I’m forced out 🙂

The purpose of the group is to allow IT professionals in the Ireland to share their experiences and knowledge of why, when and how to use Windows Server 2008 to improve their infrastructure and to accomplish business objectives.  We’ll have an online web presence to share information and we’ll be having regular seminars with guest expert speakers.  I want this to be a more intimate experience than you’ll get at the usual large conferences where everyone will feel comfortable to ask relevant questions.  There will be no snobbery and people of all skill levels and experience are welcome.  This will be a cooperative community experience.  Speakers will be drawn from within Microsoft (thanks in advance, Dave 😉 ) and, hopefully, some of you will volunteer to share your expertise in the future!

We’re aiming to have our very first seminar the day after the Irish launch of Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL 2008.  That seminar is provisionally scheduled for March 12th, 2008 in Dublin.  We’re hoping to have a very special guest speaker who will be able to answer questions on the product like no one else on the island.  I’ll hopefully comfirm this in the next few days.  You can register your intention to attend the event.  You can also register as a member of the User Group by sending a mail to ws-ugi<at>

If you’ve not had a chance to keep up with Windows Server 2008 developments then here’s a very quick summary:
  • Windows Vista gave us the first component of the new infrastructure solution, effectively being the ideal client in a Windows Server 2008 environment.  Vista underwent a huge public beta testing program that was highly succesful.
  • Windows Server 2008 public testing started in mid 2007 and Microsoft were quick to involve partners and IT professionals.  In Ireland, Dave Northey of Microsoft ran the extremely useful "Longhorn Academy" where a large number of IT professionals attended themed seminars every month to learn more about Windows Server 2008.
  • Microsoft launched IT Pro Momentum, a program where sponsored organisations could test and put Windows Server 2008 into production in a supported manner.
What’s coming up now?  Well, the source code for Windows Server 2008 has been frozen in preparation for Release To Manufacturing in early February.  Once it goes into RTM, Microsoft will begin pressing DVD’s and the ISO images will be made available to subscription customers, e.g. Enterprise Agreements, MSDN and TechNet. 
So there you go!  Hopefully, this will spark some interest.  If it does then please contact us and/or keep an eye on this blog.  It will be updated with more information as it is made available.  I hope to meet you at a seminar in the near future.
Best of luck,
Aidan Finn.
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